Sightseeings near Sitia


One of the most important landmarks of the town is the Venetian Fortress of “Kazarma”. Within the widespread archaeological grounds, the visitor has the opportunity to witness the “Kornaria”, otherwise known as an array of cultural exhibitions, during the summer months and under a moonlit sky. These cultural exhibitions are made up of theatrical productions, concerts and other similar types of exhibitions. In addition, the archaeological and folklore museum on site is worth a visit. Here, the visitor will admire the spectacles on display which indeed certify the wealthy cultural heritage of the area.


Fortress of “Kazarma”

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Folklore museum

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Another important tourist attraction is “Moni Toplou” within the small town of Itanos (near Vai), in which played a significant role during the Venetian, Turkish and German occupation. Today, aside from her monasterial duties, she actively represents the production of local biological produce such as wine, tsikoudia (alcoholic beverage of Crete), olive oil and, the establishment of an olive oil factory including the bottling and labelling of the product, accompanied by distillery methods of wine and tsikoudia as well as the bottling and labelling process are also respective of the area. In addition, the archaeological site of the Minoan Palace of Kato Zakro, The Gorge of “Nekron” (that is located between Zakro and Kato Zakro) and the archaeological site of ancient Itanos (Erimoupolis beach) are none the less some of the places that one must visit.

Moni Toplou

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Minoan Palace of Kato Zakro & The Gorge of “Nekron”

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